Ballpoint Pen on Paper (9"x12")

John Haiduk | 2019

This series embodies mastery in spontaneity, intuition, and commitment. I approached each piece in an improvisational style, allowing the compositions to emerge organically rather than planning them out beforehand. The result is a collection of works that are truly one-of-a-kind, each one representing significant trial & error in a self-taught process. There were dozens of pieces that did not make it to the final series, but each played an important role in getting to this point.

In creating this style of drawing, I was fascinated by the tension between intention and unpredictability, and the ways in which we can carve beauty out of chaos. There is no definitive theme or subject matter, and often people will share different perspectives on the same piece. This series is a tribute to the sacrifice and dedication required to create something authentically original. 

These pieces represent a game I choose to play. A game that requires one player. To win, that player must strategically sacrifice everything in pursuit of the journey. This journey is my solitaire, my game, and I play it the best I can.